TCI Data Partnership – UNWTO Recovery Dashboard


The UNWTO has selected TCI for fueling its Recovery Tracker with data sourced from the TRAVELSAT© Sentiment Index, an advanced social listening-based technique applied to travel and destinations developed by TCI RESEARCH.
The “sentiment” measures the state and dynamic of destinations’ and travel brands’ e-reputation as mirrored in global web social conversations “at large” (i.e shared by medias, consumers, companies, citizens, brands, officials…).
In 2020, over 660 millions of travel-related web social conversations have been shared by 44 millions unique authors active in 150+ countries. A proprietary script allows web-crawling posts and social content shared that can influence the destination reputation, in direct relation to tourism or from other non-tourism external factors that impact attractiveness for potential visitors (politics, safety, social events, societal, economic context, business, geopolitics…).

Access the Dashboard now! and Contact us for asking your Destination/Attraction Sentiment Performance Report!

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