Collect, monitor and analyze millions of online conversations to better understand what travelers think of your destination.

Deployed on its own, or in concert with the TRAVELSAT© Competitive Index, TRAVELSAT© Pulse helps tourism organizations collect, analyse, and benchmark valuable traveler sentiment and review data for accommodations, restaurants, and attractions across major global travel review sites such as Trip Advisor, Facebook, Google, Expedia, and more.

TRAVELSAT© Pulse helps leading tourism destinations, accommodation providers, attractions, airlines and tour operators make better decisions by providing live and historical social sentiment data from across the web.

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Analyze millions of conversations about your destination

TRAVELSAT© Pulse advanced data analysis technology helps you discover faster and smarter insights about what travelers think of your destination.

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Data gathered from global travel review sites

TRAVELSAT© Pulse provides live and historical data across major global travel review sites such as Trip Advisor, Facebook, Google, Expedia, and more.

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60+ measurement categories covering all aspects of traveler sentiment

Accommodation, transportation, food, leisure and cultural activities, shopping, safety feeling, heritage, landscape, hospitality, cleanliness, value for money.

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Real-time interactive dashboards

TRAVELSAT© Pulse real-time interactive dashboards enables tourism organizations to engage with real-time data to develop actionable insights.

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Benchmark against an unlimited number of competitors

Benchmark your Travel Sentiment against an unlimited number of similar regions, cities and neighborhoods to identify opportunities to improve your competitiveness.

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Trusted by leading global tourism brands

Local, regional, national Tourism Boards and DMOs, accomodations providers, attractions and tour operators in North America, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Indian Ocean and Asia Pacific.

Proactively manage your tourism destination’s reputation

Each day visitors write countless reviews about hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, attractions, and activities on social media. When aggregated, they hold valuable insights to help make more informed tourism investment decisions.

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Leverage TRAVELSAT© Pulse to uncover hidden traveler insights, prioritize strategies and develop tactical plans to improve your brand reputation and visitor experience. Understand your strengths and weaknesses across 60+ categories, and create destination wide performance thresholds to monitor and improve your destination reputation.

Monitor your brand’s reputation and ensure you are meeting traveler expectations. Cross reference review data with focus group data to validate insights. Identify review sites and traveler segments to prioritize your marketing programs and media & influencer efforts.

Empower your tourism industry leaders and experience providers with accurate and actionable insights to develop programs, training and best practices to improve the visitor experience.

Leverage real-time insights to make more informed product development investment decisions. Identify hidden opportunities to develop new and enhance existing products to meet and exceed the expectations of travelers.

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