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Olivier Henry-Biabaud

Olivier Henry-Biabaud


Olivier founded TCI Research in 2010 as a way of combining his passion for travel with his 20+ years’ experience in market research acquired in global companies (Kantar, Ipsos). As a specialist in the visitor experience, he has worked for over 90+ international and local destinations and travel brands. He is a regular speaker at travel international forums and Board Member of TTRA Europe (Tourism and Travel Research Association). He was awarded Best Travel Market Research CEO 2017 by the EU Business News Agency.


Emmanuel Meunier

Emmanuel Meunier

Associate Director, VP Europe

Emmanuel joined TCI Research in 2012 and is based in France. He has a track record of 20+ years as a Market Research professional and developed research solutions and marketing consultancy in innovation, branding and digital marketing for major clients in the Tourism, Leisure and Entertainment areas. He is a specialist of digital effectiveness measurement (website, cross-media ad campaign including display, social media, community management) and in market segmentation for various travel sectors (Cruising, Outdoor, Urban...).


Global Data Center (Brussels)

Florence Massat

International Project & Data Officer

Florence Massat joined TCI Research in 2013 and is based in Brussels. As Data Officer, she is in charge of conducting international projects for various tourism players. She graduated from a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a master’s degree in Marketing from the Toulouse Business School in France. Previously, Florence worked as quantitative fieldwork manager in a research company. She speaks French, English, Spanish and Portuguese

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