TCI Data Partnership – Nordic Tourism Collective

Travel sentiment research shows Nordic destinations driving sustainability leading to further post-covid readiness research.

Under a newly-signed agreement, the Nordic Tourism Collective and TCI Research have partnered to monitor the competitiveness and readiness of the Nordics as travel and tourism to the region recovers, sharing this with their Nordic Tourism Collective members and industry colleagues.

Initial sentiment analysis using data gathered by TCI Research, based on millions of social conversations and visitor reviews, has revealed that Nordic destinations top the sustainability agenda in the travel sector leading to increased international exposure for post-covid recovery.

1/ Sustainability and recovery findings

  • That sustainability increases international exposure of Nordic/Baltic destination brands way beyond European markets. Social sharing stories about sustainable Nordic/Baltic destinations are analysed in key global markets including US, Canada, China, Australia, Mexico and Russia
  • This helps fuel positive sentiment for Nordic/Baltic destinations
  • The Positive buzz around sustainability is driven by organic social conversations initiated both by the private and public sectors.
  • This data covers sustainable efforts made across all tourism and travel sectors including airlines, trains, accommodation, attractions as well as the rise of nature-conservation and immersion into a low carbon lifestyle.

2/ Nordic Tourism Collective/TCI Research Roundtable May 19th, 2021

To understand just how sustainability is synonymous with post-covid readiness, the Nordic Tourism Collective and TCI Research plan to host a roundtable event to investigate this further. The event will take a closer look at the sentiment data and consider what parameters and protocols visitors are looking for in post-covid travel.

The roundtable event will invite key stakeholders in the Nordics as well as analysts fromTCI Research to look closely at the sentiment data and from this to lay out a set of guidelines that destinations, suppliers and DMCs can use to ensure their products and services are truly aligned with customer expectations.

Nordic Tourism Collective/TCI Research Roundtable May 19th, 2021

The sustainability agenda in travel is not new but has been massively pushed to the top of both visitors and residents’ minds with the Covid-19 crisis. Our data shows evidence that this well-established reputation goes beyond a simple communication pitch and is also visible in initiatives and experiences offered to visitors. This generates positive prospects in the context of the forthcoming travel rebound for all players in this region” says Olivier Henry-Biabaud, CEO of TCI Research TRAVELSAT©.

Andy Fairburn, Nordic Tourism Collective founding Director, adds “The Covid pandemic has thrust sustainability into the global spotlight. The data collected by TCI shows that there is increasing chatter about sustainable issues and as tourism recovers the demand for more sustainable options and for the Nordics as a viable tourism destination, will increase.

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