Wrapping-up the TTRA Marketing Outlook Forum (Washington)







200+ tourism and travel marketing and data experts shared 2 full days for anticipating 2020. TCI / Travelsat and its US Affiliate partner Rove Marketing -happy sponsor of this unique conference- had a chance to share the stage for wrapping up the conference insights which reveals several key trends:

  • A sharp drop of the MOF Index -the first of its kind Sentiment Index ran live during a conference and powered by TCI- showing that conversations around a possible recession is still in top of minds;
  • A clear focus on measuring the visitor experience and resident sentiment for fueling new Stewardship initiatives, beyond ROI needs;
  • Growing questions around the role of DMOs in the visitor economy, towards DMMO leadership;
  • Hesitations around marketing international markets while the US is loosing markets shares in a highly competitive context;
  • The growing influence of politics and trade war in building destination attractiveness;
  • The question of opportunity and reliability of Big Data and how to better control them;
  • The need to find the right balance between “more” and “better for all” in the tourism planning.

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