UNWTO/PATA Keynote – How storytelling moves travellers


Storytelling impact on travellers’ choices: what data tell us

Back from the great UNWTO / PATA Silk Road forum where TCI Research provided a data-based keynote to 300+ delegates on how storytelling impacts travelers’ choices. Snapshot of results presented from the TRAVELSAT Pulse research platform that combines survey-based and e-sentiment analysis:

  • 35% of international travelers base their decision to chose a destination from peers’ stories;
  • Storytelling is 5 times more influential than conventional advertising and 3 times more than special deals / offers.
  • 1 in 5 like sharing their trip experience on social networks, forums, blogs, even with people they may not know.
  • 1 in 10 post online several times a day while on vacation.
  • Bucket list selfies are not enough anymore for creating a truly efficient storytelling.
  • Detecting and engaging with destinations’ “ghost ambassadors” can make the difference.
  • Mapping contextual sentiment drivers that can potentially spoil your storytelling efforts, is a must-do.

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All about the event here.