TCI speaking at TTRA MOF in Vegas

mof_logo_no_tagTCI Research delivered a keynote on “Ghost Ambassadors” at MOF 2018 Conference

TCI Research is  great fan and happy sponsor of the TTRA MOF Annual Conference!

This year, we experienced 3 exciting days in vibrant Vegas where 250+ DMOs and researchers shared their views on outlook for the industry. At this occasion, TCI gave a keynote introducing the concept of “Ghost Ambassadors” which aims at unveiling non-tourism reputation drivers (brands, products, experiences, celebrities, firms, events…) that are not visible on usual DMOs’ radar… but can source visitation and opportunities or niche tourism product development, partnership and community-based communication strategies.

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TCI Research also moderated the MOF Index session, a live pool measuring attendees’ sentiment on their coming business performances compared to last year.

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