TRAVELSAT adopted in several European sustainable projects

Sustainability stands higher than ever on top of all tourism players’ agenda and TRAVELSAT is currently involved in several European projects offering a standard measure of visitors’ satisfaction as part of criteria covered by labels and certification programs in place. A few examples:

  • TRAVELSAT is used as part of a cross-border EU funded initiative in five regions in France in Italy as an instrument for identifying the regional competitive and sustainable DNA and opportunities for developping all season tourism offers, with a focus on sustainable criteria related to the environment, cultural heritage and hospitality.
  • TRAVELSAT is used by several French Tourism Authorities at national and regional levels to measure the impact of the certification label, ie its effective contribution in the destination competitiveness: incremental clients’ satisfaction provided by certified accommodation and activities, incremental impact on intention to recommend and to repeat visit the destination, positive impact on value for money perception…
  • TRAVELSAT is used as a benchmarking instrument by the Nord Pas de Calais region as part of a cross-border sustainable European project “Sustainability Tourism Research Intelligence Partnership” (SUSTrip)
  • TRAVELSAT pilot test metrics are used in Bulgaria for guiding the development of a Sustainable and Quality Certification Policy in the country.

No destination or tourism operator can develop a sustainable strategy without considering the demand and visitor based evaluation metrics: TRAVELSAT brings a powerful standard measure allowing international comparability and evidence of label efficiency on tourists’ experience and satisfaction!