Berlin, Lisbon and Lille sign with TRAVELSAT !

Berlin, Lisbon and Lille sign with TravelSat !

TCI Research welcomes Berlin, Lisbon and Lille as new TravelSat survey clients. Three different, vibrant and rich cultural cities that wish to map their competition and to evaluate their competitive strengths and weaknesses towards various markets and segments…

Cultural city break is one of the most dynamic and competitive segment and all cities -from the largest to more emerging ones- can benefit from a growing demand served by fast-growing airline and train connections. TravelSat Data related to city breakers experience in general clearly show the critical importance of trip planning and in-site experience as key competitiveness factors, while visitors look for maximizing benefits and return on their spending on a short period.

Another evidence of the great competition happening here: over 70% of city breakers considered alternative destinations before making their decision, mixing all-size cities in their set of choice !