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TCI Research helps Provence Position on Arts of Living international visitors

TCI Research revealed TRAVELSAT data-based recommendations to 300+ tourism professionals in Aix-en-Provence

What a pleasure to share insights to a professional audience made of active destination local players! Tourism offices, Policy Makers, inbound TOs and OTAs, various Provence and South of France brand ambassadors (wineries, oil producers…), hotels and hospitality players, all of them attract and delight international visitors. TCI Research was commissioned by the Provence Alps Riviera Tourism Board to guide them on how to best market the UK, US and German Arts of Living fans.

Based on results from hundreds of data points gathering interviews of experts, stakeholders, visitors, potential visitors and social web sentiment analysis, we had a chance to engage with the audience on:

  • Best brand DNA content expected about Arts of Living
  • Benchmarking with competition
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Most influential channels for promoting
  • Mapping of non tourism drivers branding and shaping the place appeal
  • Practical recommendations for the Provence brand to emerge vs competition on this fascinating Arts of Living segment.

Thank you Provence for this exciting project! (and yes, your “Macarons” are still the best on earth…)