What drives APAC Destinations’ resilience?

While the Asia Pacific e-reputation peaks and gains competitiveness, it is essential for DMOs and marketers to map what travel and tourism themes are on the rise and drive positivity in online conversations today.

By deep-diving into social sentiment data related to resilient destinations – either reopening or being able to maintain a positive link with the travel community, TCI Research experts will share insights that DMOs and marketers can promote and amplify so as to accelerate the resilience and recovery.

What You’ll Learn:

  • key insights into key drivers of tourism resilience and recovery for the Asia Pacific travel from the new TCI Research/TRAVELSAT© Sentiment report
  • The latest trends around APAC competitive reputation
  • Examples of inspiring destinations paving the way of sustainable travel resilience
  • Tactical recommendations for DMOs on how to stand out of the crowd while tourism resumes

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