City Sentiment Index endorsed by ECM!

During the ECM Annual Convention in vibrant Malmö  gathering 200+ leaders from European cities, TCI Research proudly presented the first results from its new City Sentiment Index powered by TRAVELSAT© Pulse, an innovative Big-Data based Social Web Sentiment Tracking solution.

ECM endorsement


Using an advanced social listening analytic protocol, TCI Research analysts consolidate reputation insights of 200+ cities, converting 1+ million of content crunched from all social platforms (blogs, micro-media, forums, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr…) into actionable KPIs and inspiring insights for cities, enabling them to monitor the reputation pulse of their brand and understand what drive their reputation on specific areas (culture, MICE…).

Beyond a basic destination ranking, the City Sentiment Index showed efficiency in mapping sentiment drivers including concrete experiences, events, emotions, brands, ambassadors and tourism or non tourism activities influencing destinations’ cultural and MICE reputation.