Data sourced from TRAVELSAT© Pulse, the leading advanced Destination Analytics Solution dedicated for DMOs for tracking near-real time visitors’ experience consolidated from 30+ travel rating websites and OTAs (Google reviews, TripAdvisor, Booking, Ctrip, Expedia…). TRAVELSAT© Pulse monitors millions of visitor reviews about experiences in thousands of cultural and leisure attractions, accommodations and food experiences in European cities.

Indicators above is based on a selection of iconic European attractions used as “sensors” of the visitor sentiment pulseTrevi Fountain, Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Louvre Museum, Schonbrunn Palace, Brandenburg Gate, Marienplatz, Anne Frank House, Prado National Museum, Charles Bridge, Hungarian Parliament Building, Acropolis, Torre de Belem, Elbphilharmonie, The Little Mermaid, Vasa Museum, Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, The Ljubljana Castle, Neptune’s Fountain, Tate Modern, Helsinki Cathedral, Brussels Grand Place and the Trinity College Dublin…

Data include reviews from domestic and international visitors:

  • Volume of reviews
  • Overall experience rating (1-10 score) measuring the visitor satisfaction levels
  • Past 6 months ranking of the TOP10 attractions best performing in terms of visitor satisfaction
  • Past 6 months Net Sentiment Score (/10) per topics mentioned in reviews, for the TOP recurrent issues mentioned in reviews.