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International Mountain Conference Keynote (Innsbruck)

            TCI Research had the opportunity to provide a keynote to 400+ International Mountain Research Experts for mapping overtourism risks and realities in Europe, with a focus on mountain destinations. Read key Take-aways from our LinkedIn article!

ECM Partners with TCI Research for measuring Cities Sentiment

European Cities Marketing teams us with TCI Research released the first City Sentiment Index report for its members. Using a custom social listening analytic protocol specially designed for ECM, our analysts consolidated reputation insights, converting 1+ million of content crunched from all social platforms into actionable KPIs and inspiring insights for cities. Our partnership with ECM […]

PATA/TCI Research Report on Storytelling released!

250+ M Storytellers – What it means for DMO Using storytelling to strengthen a destination’s brand is not a new concept. However, it remains one of the most efficient components of a content marketing approach. Based on its international TRAVELSAT© research platform to monitor destination experience and social e-reputation, TCI Research summarizes storytelling’s influence and […]

TCI speaking at TTRA MOF in Vegas

TCI Research delivered a keynote on “Ghost Ambassadors” at MOF 2018 Conference TCI Research is  great fan and happy sponsor of the TTRA MOF Annual Conference! This year, we experienced 3 exciting days in vibrant Vegas where 250+ DMOs and researchers shared their views on outlook for the industry. At this occasion, TCI gave a keynote […]

UNWTO/PATA Keynote – How storytelling moves travellers

Storytelling impact on travellers’ choices: what data tell us Back from the great UNWTO / PATA Silk Road forum where TCI Research provided a data-based keynote to 300+ delegates on how storytelling impacts travelers’ choices. Snapshot of results presented from the TRAVELSAT Pulse research platform that combines survey-based and e-sentiment analysis: 35% of international travelers […]

World Cup Impact on destination sentiment

Why France has won much more than a football cup…           Social web shared emotions and experiences impacting France as a travel destination brand have been absolutely amazing. Using its TRAVELSAT Pulse Sentiment Tracker, TCI Research has captured real-time and long-term e-rep benefits that France (and other destinations) are getting from […]

City Sentiment Index endorsed by ECM!

During the ECM Annual Convention in vibrant Malmö  gathering 200+ leaders from European cities, TCI Research proudly presented the first results from its new City Sentiment Index powered by TRAVELSAT© Pulse, an innovative Big-Data based Social Web Sentiment Tracking solution.   Using an advanced social listening analytic protocol, TCI Research analysts consolidate reputation insights of 200+ […]

Visitor satisfaction: France improves its competitive position!

Paris, 1st June 2018 TCI Research has presented the latest results from its TRAVELSAT Competitive Index at the French Ministry of Tourism in Paris, gathering about 200 French tourism public and private leaders. Insights combining competitive survey-based and Big Data analytics confirmed the positive trend in place regarding to visitor satisfaction and destination competitiveness. The […]

TCI Research helps Provence Position on Arts of Living international visitors

TCI Research revealed TRAVELSAT data-based recommendations to 300+ tourism professionals in Aix-en-Provence What a pleasure to share insights to a professional audience made of active destination local players! Tourism offices, Policy Makers, inbound TOs and OTAs, various Provence and South of France brand ambassadors (wineries, oil producers…), hotels and hospitality players, all of them attract and delight […]

“Narcos” impact on Tourism in Colombia

TCI Research estimates that 1 in 10 visitors in Colombia is directly influenced by the “Narcos” TV series… Read more from this excellent Bloomberg article Read our latest snaphot on film-tourism influence: 80 million film-induced tourists