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Are European Cities competitive with value for money experience ?

“Since the financial collapse of 2008 and its subsequent shockwaves, it is commonplace to claim that visitors are becoming increasingly price-conscious. For a large number of people jostled by economic ups and downs, this is of course true. However, continuous hotel developments on the high-end categories, the steady increase of well-to-do visitors originating from emerging markets and the growth of tax-free shopping remind us of the heterogeneity of the tourism sector and of the fact that prices are just one element in the complex decision-making process leading to a visit. From visitors on a shoestring budget to affluent tourists for whom prices don’t matter, many tourists are just looking for what they perceive to be the best possible value for their money. Subjective by nature, “value for money” is an indicator seldom taken into account in international rankings and comparison tools. This is why the ECM Research & Statistics group decided to work on this issue in partnership with TCI Research”. 

Olivier Ponti, Chairman, ECM Research & Statistics Group

Research Manager, Amsterdam Marketing

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