France reports positive TRAVELSAT trends

The French Ministry reveals latest trends from TravelSat competitive report

Over 200 national tourism stakeholders have been attending TCI Research & the French Minister presentation of the 2015 TRAVELSAT report:

  • Results show France is making up its gap Vs competition on many aspects related to the visitor experience
  • Positive impact from policy and industry actions were pointed out
  • Yet several improvement areas have been spotted during the conference, that the French DMO will take corrective actions on
  • TravelSat Pulse Big-data based results confirm positive impact of the State Quality Label scheme on visitor experience.

The conference was a great success and showcased how TRAVELSAT competitive data can help guiding and evaluating Destination Boards initiatives !

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Travelsat Index

Long-haul travel sentiment to Europe stays positive !

A new survey from ETC powered by TCI Research

Despite political tensions, struggling economies and fierce competition, travel sentiment towards destinations in Europe remains positive for 2015. The first results of the Long-Haul Travel Sentiment Survey, a new joint initiative of ETC, ETOA and the Eurail Group powered by TCI Research, show strong potential for growth in key long-haul markets.

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Berlin, Lisbon and Lille sign with TRAVELSAT !

Berlin, Lisbon and Lille sign with TravelSat !

TCI Research welcomes Berlin, Lisbon and Lille as new TravelSat survey clients. Three different, vibrant and rich cultural cities that wish to map their competition and to evaluate their competitive strengths and weaknesses towards various markets and segments…

Cultural city break is one of the most dynamic and competitive segment and all cities -from the largest to more emerging ones- can benefit from a growing demand served by fast-growing airline and train connections. TravelSat Data related to city breakers experience in general clearly show the critical importance of trip planning and in-site experience as key competitiveness factors, while visitors look for maximizing benefits and return on their spending on a short period.

Another evidence of the great competition happening here: over 70% of city breakers considered alternative destinations before making their decision, mixing all-size cities in their set of choice !

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The latest ECM/TRAVELSAT Report is available !

Are European Cities competitive with value for money experience ?

“Since the financial collapse of 2008 and its subsequent shockwaves, it is commonplace to claim that visitors are becoming increasingly price-conscious. For a large number of people jostled by economic ups and downs, this is of course true. However, continuous hotel developments on the high-end categories, the steady increase of well-to-do visitors originating from emerging markets and the growth of tax-free shopping remind us of the heterogeneity of the tourism sector and of the fact that prices are just one element in the complex decision-making process leading to a visit. From visitors on a shoestring budget to affluent tourists for whom prices don’t matter, many tourists are just looking for what they perceive to be the best possible value for their money. Subjective by nature, “value for money” is an indicator seldom taken into account in international rankings and comparison tools. This is why the ECM Research & Statistics group decided to work on this issue in partnership with TCI Research”. 

Olivier Ponti, Chairman, ECM Research & Statistics Group

Research Manager, Amsterdam Marketing

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Caribbean competitiveness: Aruba selects TRAVELSAT

Aruba racing for competitiveness !

TCI Research gladly welcomes Aruba as a new TRAVELSAT subscriber in the Caribbean region. The Aruba Tourism Authority has commissioned a targeted competitive analysis including benchmarking of scenario-based price simulations for various tourism products AND competitive measurement of quality & value for money perception among visitors, using its global standard TRAVELSAT. Thanks to a complete objective and subjective price assessment the island can now identify areas for improving further its competitiveness !

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Dubai ranked 1st in awareness and image in the Arabian Peninsula

Based on a survey carried out among international travelers, TCI Research reports that Dubai achieves the highest scores both in awareness and positive image, compared with the other destinations from the Arabian Peninsula. With 93% of prompted awareness and 3 travelers of 4 having a positive image of Dubai, the Emirate surpasses its competitors in the region. However Abu Dhabi and Qatar also enjoy strong levels of awareness but still need to improve their image to rival Dubai, especially on female travelers.

More “emerging” destinations in the region like Ajman and Sharjah are known (even only by name) by around 1 traveler of 4 and still have opportunity to build a stronger awareness and consolidate their image.

Commenting the results, TCI Research CEO Olivier Henry-Biabaud adds: “While the overall image of Arabian Peninsula destinations may be often challenged by travelers, Dubai remains the most known destination in the region enjoying a solid brand capital. However the competition within the region and at international level is intensifying with both mature and new players: in this context, beyond awareness and image, actual visitors’ experience remains an essential factor of success for keeping a competitiveness advantage”.

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Flash online survey based on 300+ international travellers from 30 different markets, aged 18-70 years old.
Data collected in July 2013. Source: TCI Research traveller panel.

Caribbean competitive survey : beach beauty is no longer enough…

Caribbean islands attract 20 millions international tourists per year…but beyond dreams promoted in advertising campaigns, are they competitive in terms of visitors’ experience and quality of hospitality?

Based on its reference UNWTO endorsed global survey TRAVELSAT©, TCI Research has evaluated the competitive strengths and weaknesses of the Caribbean destinations vs main rivals in the world: Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Arabian Emirates.

Beyond beach beauty and diversity advocated by their visitors, Caribbean islands benefit from several assets related to the local people hospitality, leisure and nightlife, local food quality and shopping experience. However intentions to recommend and repeat visit remain lower in the region (minus 15 points vs competition). The gap is driven by a number of competitive weaknesses related to less tangible yet crucial criteria such as the feeling of security, the cleanliness or the urbanization development.

Commenting the results, TCI Research CEO Olivier Henry-Biabaud adds: “Beyond central issues related to connectivity (cost to reach the destination, visas…), the global competition between « sun & beach » destinations is all a matter of consistency in quality perceived during the whole stay that can generate positive or negative word-of-mouth. The multifaceted Caribbean region is made of diverse destinations facing different tourism challenges and it offers a competitive experience to its visitors on tangible elements (beaches, accommodation, food…). However some of them significantly suffer from a lack of competitiveness in more intangible criteria (environment, feeling of security, people hospitality…) raising issues they should address if they wish to build a more competitive and sustainable tourism…while emerging destinations like Dubai or Croatia sell a different “sun & beach” experience for attracting European markets. Some of these issues are mandatory to manage for attracting BRIC markets too”.

[lightbox url=”” title=”Image title”]Graphic TOP 5 most competitive criteria[/lightbox]

[lightbox url=”” title=”Image title”]Graphic TOP 5 least competitive criteria[/lightbox]

List of destinations included in the benchmarking analysis : Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Florida (Keys islands) Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Martinique, Puerto Rico, St Lucia, St Maarten, Fiji islands, Cayman islands, Maldives, Mauritius, La Reunion, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Nouvelle Caledonia, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, France (Riviera and Corsica), Italy (Sicilia and Sardinia), Madeira, Spain (Balearic islands, Canary islands), Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Egypt (Red Sea), Morocco, Tunisia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, Oman, Qatar.

10 tips for attracting more EU visitors in the Arabian Peninsula

Reviewing last results from the TRAVELSAT© Competitive Index, TCI Research and ATTRACT jointly suggest 10 tips to the Arabian Peninsula destinations for attracting more European visitors…

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TRAVELSAT© standard survey adopted by the Brittany region

The Brittany Regional Tourism Board has joined the growing list of regional DMOs in Europe using TRAVELSAT Competitive Index for measuring their competitive brand experience performances.

Emmanuel Meunier, TCI Research Head of Europe, comments: “We are glad to work along a quality and sustainability oriented region and help them identify destination management and marketing opportunities through research. Brittany has a unique position towards both domestic and international markets with exciting challenges to take up”.

TRAVELSAT adopted in several European sustainable projects

Sustainability stands higher than ever on top of all tourism players’ agenda and TRAVELSAT is currently involved in several European projects offering a standard measure of visitors’ satisfaction as part of criteria covered by labels and certification programs in place. Read more