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TCI Research to speak at California Marketing Outlook Forum

Conference – Dream & Learn big in California with TCI Research!

Consumer decision-making has always been shaped by external forces. As an industry, it is critical that California tourism businesses and destinations alike understand what current and emerging global trends inform traveler choices so that they can develop strategic and competitive marketing initiatives in 2017 and in years to come.

TCI Research is invited to describe how current global geo-political, social and economic trends are impacting international traveler’s attitudes and behaviors, and to suggest how tourism marketers can adapt to remain competitive.

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TCI Research to speak at TTRA Marketing Outlook Forum

mof_logo_no_tagOctober 24/10 – Meet us at Fort Lauderdale !

TCI Research is delighted to be speaking at and sponsoring the leading US conference about tourism & travel taking place in Florida. A keynote will be addressed during the MICE and Business Panel gathering US and international CVBs, Venues and MICE industry players.

By digging into its TRAVELSAT Competitive Index survey data, TCI Research will reveal how the US perform Vs other world regions in terms of international MICE visitors’ quality of experience. It will also analyse two trends impacting business travellers’ experience: the usage of collaborative platforms and the Bleisure.

Good food for inspiring CVBs and players of the MICE economy! Meet us in Florida!

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TCI Research at SOTIC conference (Caribbean)

A keynote addressed to Caribbean Tourism players about the sharing economy impact

AirB&B, Uber…  the sharing economy is massively impacting the tourism and travel sector and raises lots of controversies among DMOs today. What percentage of international tourists really use collaborative platforms during their stay ? Do they have different profile from the average ? How far does it impact visitors’ experience positively ? What risks and opportunities for DMOs ? TCI Research has been invited by the Caribbean Tourism Organization to reveal a snapshot from its  latest available surveys on this exciting topic !

Take your next available flight to Barbados and learn what data can tell about the sharing economy revolution!

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ECM Conference: Sharing Economy Impact

sharing ecoTCI Research partners with the European Cities Marketing  -the largest network gathering European Cities leaders – for providing custom insights to its members. The latest successful June conference in Funchal (Madeira) focused on the Sharing Economy issue that CTOs need to tackle with : “Dare to Share”.

Over 150 delegates from Europe and the US acting in destination marketing and sharing economy platforms shared views about opportunities and challenges taking account of both the city marketing, local impact and political agenda.

For this major event, TCI Research worked out and presented a special report featuring specific profiles and behaviors of travel sharing economy users compared to average visitors, as well as the impact on the visitor experience and cities competitiveness.

The key research findings captured high interest of the audience !

  • A third of international visitors in Europe have used at least one of the sharing platform during their stay;
  • Millennials are the early adopters, with higher social class and families over-represented in the segment;
  • They are inspired by multiple media for choosing their destination (digital and many more !)
  • They tend to experience the destination in a more open set-of-mind than average, enjoying what cities can offer at days and nights;
  • 31% like sharing their travel experiences on social media even with strangers : they shape destination image !
  • Their experience of the destination is better for accommodation, transportation and local people hospitality…
  • … and their overall stay value for money is 34 points above the average (TRAVELSAT Index) !

The full report is available to ECM Members for free !


Case study – Davis Cup impacting the Guadeloupe brand

How a sport event can fuel a destination brand – The Davis Cup in Guadeloupe

While welcoming the Davis Cup tournament for the first time in its history, the Guadeloupe was put under the media spotlights and has been widely discussed on the social web. How far has the destination brand been benefiting the event?

TCI Research has analyzed the Guadeloupe brand value as expressed through web social media conversations, using its TRAVELSAT Pulse methodology.

From a destination branding viewpoint, the Davis Cup event has been rather successful for the Guadeloupe given the positive sentiment captured on the social web. Despite initial controversies related to the event cost, the spotlighting has fueled the destination image on key dimensions for potential tourists (local hospitality, vibrant and relaxing places…). The challenge now relies in aligning the visitor experience with brand values generated by the event for making sure the destination will capitalize on the event in the long-term.

Ask your complimentary copy of the case study
(4 page summary available in English and French).


France reports positive TRAVELSAT trends

The French Ministry reveals latest trends from TravelSat competitive report

Over 200 national tourism stakeholders have been attending TCI Research & the French Minister presentation of the 2015 TRAVELSAT report:

  • Results show France is making up its gap Vs competition on many aspects related to the visitor experience
  • Positive impact from policy and industry actions were pointed out
  • Yet several improvement areas have been spotted during the conference, that the French DMO will take corrective actions on
  • TravelSat Pulse Big-data based results confirm positive impact of the State Quality Label scheme on visitor experience.

The conference was a great success and showcased how TRAVELSAT competitive data can help guiding and evaluating Destination Boards initiatives !

Get a copy of the report… (in French)

Travelsat Index

Long-haul travel sentiment to Europe stays positive !

A new survey from ETC powered by TCI Research

Despite political tensions, struggling economies and fierce competition, travel sentiment towards destinations in Europe remains positive for 2015. The first results of the Long-Haul Travel Sentiment Survey, a new joint initiative of ETC, ETOA and the Eurail Group powered by TCI Research, show strong potential for growth in key long-haul markets.

Full release and details…


Indian Ocean : Vanilla Islands sign with TravelSat

The Vanilla Islands Organization has commissioned TCI Research a special competitive analysis based on its TravelSat Index global survey, aiming at mapping the competition the Indian Ocean islands rival internationally in travelers’ set of mind and also providing a snapshot of the competitive strengths and weaknesses of the region in terms of visitors’ experience. The Vanilla Islands comprises Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives, La Réunion, Mayotte, Comoros and Madagascar.

More about the Vanilla Island Organization

Berlin, Lisbon and Lille sign with TRAVELSAT !

Berlin, Lisbon and Lille sign with TravelSat !

TCI Research welcomes Berlin, Lisbon and Lille as new TravelSat survey clients. Three different, vibrant and rich cultural cities that wish to map their competition and to evaluate their competitive strengths and weaknesses towards various markets and segments…

Cultural city break is one of the most dynamic and competitive segment and all cities -from the largest to more emerging ones- can benefit from a growing demand served by fast-growing airline and train connections. TravelSat Data related to city breakers experience in general clearly show the critical importance of trip planning and in-site experience as key competitiveness factors, while visitors look for maximizing benefits and return on their spending on a short period.

Another evidence of the great competition happening here: over 70% of city breakers considered alternative destinations before making their decision, mixing all-size cities in their set of choice !

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The latest ECM/TRAVELSAT Report is available !

Are European Cities competitive with value for money experience ?

“Since the financial collapse of 2008 and its subsequent shockwaves, it is commonplace to claim that visitors are becoming increasingly price-conscious. For a large number of people jostled by economic ups and downs, this is of course true. However, continuous hotel developments on the high-end categories, the steady increase of well-to-do visitors originating from emerging markets and the growth of tax-free shopping remind us of the heterogeneity of the tourism sector and of the fact that prices are just one element in the complex decision-making process leading to a visit. From visitors on a shoestring budget to affluent tourists for whom prices don’t matter, many tourists are just looking for what they perceive to be the best possible value for their money. Subjective by nature, “value for money” is an indicator seldom taken into account in international rankings and comparison tools. This is why the ECM Research & Statistics group decided to work on this issue in partnership with TCI Research”. 

Olivier Ponti, Chairman, ECM Research & Statistics Group

Research Manager, Amsterdam Marketing

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